Episode 96: Jeff Murdoch

Jeff Murdoch

The mustachioed JEFF MURDOCH goes with flow when we talk about his mustache, childhood toys, Transformers sequels, his relationships and possibly moving from Chicago.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Jeff explains the genesis of his mustache. “sell out mustache”

“Honestly, I just want to make a million dollars so I don’t have to do anything in my life…is that so bad?”

7:15 Sammy wonders if Jeff’s mustache influences his dating life.

10:35 A Harvard employee stole $80,000 and used it for toys and electronics. We reminisce about childhood toys and Jeff explains Simpsons Tapped Out to Sammy.

18:15 Sammy demands to know how high school Jeff, who was a superduper band nerd, had a girlfriend.

“We broke up over AOL AIM chat.”

24:40 Jeff is livid there are FOUR more Transformers sequels are on the way. He was surprised that liked New Girl and gave up on The Walking Dead (spoiler alert!)

30:15 A Birmingham, AL radio station has already started playing holiday music! We dive into our feelings about Halloween and Jeff’s past costumes.

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“Just say ‘I go with the flow’ — it sounds better than ‘Beta Male'”

40:45  Jeff starts talking about his HS girlfriend off-air and Sammy spokes that into a conversation about his behavior in relationships.

49:30 A priest pointed a gun at child because the child rooted for the Dallas Cowboys.

52:00 Moving to LA or NYC is on Jeff’s mind

57:20 Outro

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