Episode 76: Milan & Nnamdi

Milan Cook and Nnamdi Ngwe

Getaway drivers NNAMDI NGWE & MILAN COOK gun the conversational engine as we chat cemetery clowns, cosplay creeps, bad boys, apologetic hit-and-runs and Amy Schumer.


0:00 Intro

1:00 Milan believes the worst of people, Nnamdi believes there good and bad people. Milan sometimes over-commits to continuous stinkeye.

“Check yo self before *I* wreck yo self” – Nnamdi

5:10 Milan has strange relationship needs and anxieties. Nnamdi will stroke your dog. Sammy wonders what their ideal relationships would be.

8:50 A clown was filmed wandering around a Chicago cemetery late at night.

“These are the guys that sit in their mom’s basement and don’t come outside and don’t see sunlight and breathe through their mouth really loudly.” -Milan

12:20 Milan sometimes does cosplay for conventions. Nnamdi would dress as a Colonial Viper pilot or Bishop from X-Mean

17:10 A man snuck into a home, hid under a guest room bed for three days, and charged his cell phones.

19:09 Sammy and Nnamdi question Milan’s upbringing. Nnamdi shares his Nigerian punishment. Sammy if how they’ll ┬ádiscipline their own children.

28:00 Milan stayed and helped a biker who got doored. Nnamdi would have left.

“He also looked to be about five-seven and I’m about five-eight-and-a-half…you must be this tall to ride *THIS* ride.” -Milan

34:00 Milan is watching a lot of Korean soap operas on Netflix.

37:05 Sony is making a movie based on emoji icons.

“Get some acid, get a big bucket…I’ve seen Breaking Bad. You can clean up the scene pretty good.” -Nnamdi

40:00 A woman ran over her boyfriend, apologized to him and then immediately left in a car driven by her friend. Nnamdi & Milan would be the driver if it was a family member. They share who’s been there for them.

45:20 Milan does not care for Amy Schumer. She explains the difference between a feminist and a womanist to the boys. We discuss their reacations Schumer’s GQ Star Wars cover.

54:50 Outro

55:43 Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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