Chicago actor and improvisor NNAMDI NGWE visits Studio 1Q to discuss Whiplash, surviving the zombie apocalypse, diversity in TV movies, and boy bands.


0:00Intro with a very special lead-in by Nnamdi (whose name I continually flub). He does not like being called notorious and demands a Three Amigos adjective instead.

2:35Sammy ran into Nnamdi at Whiplash. We both don’t like being coddled when being taught or coached. Nnamdi talks about the Oscar-contending movies he’s seen and claims every year of his life is perfect for a movie adaptation. He also refuses to watch a trailer for a trailer.

13:00Nnamdi is a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance; Sammy only likes the audition rounds. Nnamdi is ready for the zombie apocalypse thanks to Walking Dead and will be the leader of his group of survivors.

18:50A 7-year-old girl survived a plane crash and walked for help. Nnamdi would not have let her into the house to call 911.

20:40Nnamdi thinks Colbert’s show will be great. Sammy learns not to mess with Nnamdi’s family, which is apparently everywhere.

24:52He thinks we need a black superhero and we run down the current black superheroes. We talk about recasting and diversity in movies and TV. Nnamdi shares his experiences auditioning and how that led to the creation of his improv group Threepeat. We discuss some of the diverse shows on TV.

44:30Nnamdi is looking forward to the Backstreet Boys documentary. Sammy has lots of questions about various boy bands. We talk about finding new music and not getting stuck listening to the same stuff. Sammy likes Nikki Minaj’s bluntness on American Idol and Nnamdi dislikes participation medals.

57:30Outro with a very special Nnamdi performance at the very end.

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