108: Laura & Caroline

Laura Marsh and Caroline Nash

The festive Laura Marsh and Caroline Nash bring the holidays to Studio 1Q! PopFury provides the Christmas music as we talk about their Holiday Spectacular show, PDAs, Justin Bieber’s weirdness, the Top Ten Boy/Girl Names in 2015, NBC’s The Wiz and who they would have married when they were 13!

0:00 “Christmas Alphabet” by Karen Carpenter and Kristy McNichol from “The Carpenters at Christmas” (1977)

1:08 INTRO

1:35 Caroline and Laura co-host a Holiday Spectacular show. Laura enjoys playing dress up. Caroline was supposed to be a hot girl on a boat.

“I realize 20 minutes into it, ‘Oh, I’m supposed to be one of the Hot Girls on the boat…’”

8:30 Sammy wonders why the ladies named the show after themselves. Caroline and Laura cast their dream two-person holiday shows.

13:25 “Steam Heat” by Liza Minnelli & Tracy Everitt from “The Judy Garland Christmas Show” (1963)

14:00 Sammy felt victimized by a too-close PDA. Laura may not know how to kiss.

“If you love somebody so much that you need to stick your tongue in their mouths while you’re waiting to cross the street…good for you, man!”

18:25 Caroline loves reading other people’s sexts on the CTA. Selena Gomez, Niall Horan and Justin Bieber are in a weird relationship mess.

22:45 “12 Days After Christmas” by Carol Burnett from “The Carol Burnett Show” (1968)

23:20 Facebook is testing a break-up relationship tool. Holland Tyler and Sarah Paulson are dating despite a 32-year old difference. Sammy loses a PopFury sponsor.

“There’s nothing I love more than cool lesbians getting together!”

28:55 “All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” by Elmo and Michael Bublé from “Michael Bublé : Home for the Holidays” (2012)

29:30 The Top Ten Girl Names and Top Ten Boy Names (according to one parent). Caroline and Laura share the worst names they’ve encountered.

37:30 Caroline enjoyed NBC’s adaptation of The Wiz. Laura has an epiphany about Grease. They share what other musicals they’d like adapted to TV.

44:40 Sammy displays his ignorance of the south. Caroline and Laura ponder who they would have married when they were 13. They try to name skate boarding moves.

“I was 13!!! What do you want from me?!?!?”

49:57 Laura is reading comedian autobiographies. Sammy loses a scholarship and another sponsor.

54:30 OUTRO–where they cost Sammy yet another sponsor!

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