The Equipment

XLR Cables

MICROPHONES: Three Shure SM7Bs. Until episode 65, I used two Blue Yeti Pro mics — since I was recording in a walk-in closet, using the sensitive condenser microphones was not an issue. Once I moved out into the main room, I upgraded to the dynamic Shures to avoid picking up the intruding noise of city life. All mics are mounted on Rode PS1 Swivel Mount boom arms. For the Blue Yetis I had to buy shock mounts and pop filters while the Shures had those built in.

MICROPHONE GAIN BOOSTERS: Three Cloudlifters to give a clean boost to the gain-hungry Shures.

MIXER: I went with the Behringer Xenyx 1202 as I wanted the capability down the road to have more than one guest on a time (which eventually happened). Because I record directly to my computer, I needed the Behringer U-Control UCA222 to connect the mixer to the USB port.

HEADPHONES & AMP: I wanted my guests to hear how they sounded and monitor their own mic technique while recording, so I bought a Behringer HA400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier. I use Sony MDR7056 for my cans.

RECORDING & EDITING: I currently use Audacity because it’s simple, free and my sound needs are very basic. After I edit the episode down into its final form, I use Auphonic to auto-process everything because, frankly, fire-and-forget processing is a godsend while I do other things like show notes or the episode image. Auphonic automatically sends the file to both my Dropbox and Libsyn.

HOSTING / WEBSITE: I use Libsyn for my episode hosting and stats. This website uses WordPress and my host is Siteground.