Episode 97: Claire & Patrick

Claire Linic and Patrick Rowland

CLAIRE LINIC and PATRICK ROWLAND visit Studio 1Q to talk about marriage, soul mates, dildo protests, the Kardashians, Netflix’s Narcos and calling 911 on turkeys.


0:00 Intro

1:45 Claire has been married for 169 days. Sammy wonders if Patrick will get married. We discuss finding a better term than boyfriend or girlfriend.

7:15 They talk about the surprising things you learn when you move in with your significant other.

“I invited him over to my house to listen to records, and then showed him my fossil collection and played the accordion for him.”

10:00 Claire is in the middle of legally changing her name. Patrick doesn’t care if his lady takes his name. Both Patrick and Claire have found their soul mates.

18:50 Students are protesting open carrying of guns on campus by carrying dildos.

23:30 Claire is a big fan of the Kardashians and reality TV. Patrick is a fan of the The League and we discuss Steve Rannazzisi and Tania Head’s 9/11 lies. Patrick will make his moral stand after he’s all caught up on episodes.

29:30 Netflix’s Narcos has a lot of subtitles and a really bad, bad man as the focus.

“It might have been that I misspoke and now I’m backing it up..but I also bet it happened.”

34:45 Claire and Patrick would back their partners up…to a certain point.

36:35 A man called 911 when his wife “would not give him any ass.” Claire once called 911 on a gang of turkeys.

“Turkeys kill. Probably more than sharks.”

41:10 Sammy likes Claire’s Etsy story t-shirts. She gives a PopFury exclusive on her next release.

44:00 We talk about playing video games as adults and guess what music is on Claire and Patrick’s iPhones.

52:15 Outro

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