Episode 94: Lisa Burton

Lisa Burton

Quintuple threat LISA BURTON (@lisaburton) gets all spooky up in Studio 1Q as we talk about her new horror movie podcast SCAREBLAST, scary movies, the Hamilton soundtrack and transitioning back into the acting grind in Chicago.


0:00 Intro

0:50 The overachieving Lisa is hosting Scareblast, a once-a-day horror movie podcast in October. Sammy thinks it’s a front for dating. Lisa breaks down M. Night Shyamalan’s career and his new movie The Visit.

6:00 Lisa explains why she loves horror films.

“Princess Bride is the movie that calms me down after a hard day…or really any supernatural horror movie.”

7:25 Sammy asks Lisa what her favorite and least favorite horror movies are. She is afraid to hurt any specific movie’s feelings and discusses a bevy of movies instead. Sammy was definitely her favorite guest on Scareblast.

20:00 Sammy wonders why we want to be scared. Lisa listens to a real life crime podcast.

“You know, Sammy, maybe you should wait until the podcast is already out to give me some criticism on my podcast.”

28:00 Please give a listen to friends of the podcast: Scareblast, Remake & Rabbit Hole.

29:35 Lisa is really loving the Hamilton cast recording. It’s damn good y’all.

34:45 She talks about the transition from full-time paid actor back to the grind of having day job and acting for free. The wily Lisa snares Sammy  in a logic trap.

40:55 Outro

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