Episode 93: Nick Rees

Nick Rees

NICK REES (@fakenickrees) overstuffs the podcast with words–oh so many words–as he rapidly chatters about the Little People reality shows, meeting his wife, almost dying from blood clots, being a heckler and The Martian!


0:00 Intro

0:50 Nick worked a full time job while working for Second City. He intentionally watched crappy movies when on tour.

“…I guess that’s what happens when you have sex. Somebody needs to inform me.”

5:05 He watches a frightening amount of the various Little People reality TV shows.

11:05 Sammy notices Nick doesn’t wear a wedding ring. Nick recounts how he met his wife and the magical movie that inspired him to propose.

“So I just spit on the side of the street and it was just blood.”

15:40 Nick shares his harrowing hospital visit and near-death experience….

23:40 …and how he learned absolutely nothing from it.

25:25 Nick is healthier now. Sammy misremembers Nick as a much bigger man. Nick is a heckler by nature and foolishly believes he would survive prison.

“I was on an MTV thing about heckling, you can’t open the door of heckling to me and think, ‘Oh, he’s not gonna flip back into that…’”

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33:30 Nick enjoys reading time travel books and is a fan of Back To The Future. He accidentally got a history degree.

39:00 Nick outlines his disappointment with the Marvel movies and we discuss our favorite comic book movies. He hated Guardians of the Galaxy and loved V for Vendetta.

“If I could travel back in time and meet myself…I would probably bully myself.”

46:20 We are both excited for The Martian. Nick says being bullied led him into comedy.

50:50 Outro

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