Episode 68: Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber

Comedian and writer STEPHANIE WEBER shoots off some conversational fireworks as we talk tattoos, (un)funny women, sea babies, Airbnb and first impressions!


0:00 Intro

0:40 Sammy is confused by Stephanie’s temporary tattoos.

5:30 Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner says it’s impossible to find a beautiful AND funny woman. Sammy is stunned that other women have said women aren’t funny to Stephanie. We talk about humor and its dynamic in relationships.

14:15 Donald Trump didn’t expect the backlash would be THIS severe. Stephanie remembers RFK firsthand, likes Bernie Sanders and wishes Betty White was president.

19:10 Stephanie explains the difference between stand up comedians and improv comedians at a party. She is already looking forward to Halloween.

23:45 A baby at the beach was swept out to sea when her parents forgot about her.

27:00 A man complained that NBC changed its peacock symbol to display the rainbow to support “the gays.” Stephanie thinks the Pride Parade is corporate and boring now. Twitter and article comments, as always, are fun.

32:55 MasterCard is testing using selfies to verify payments. Stephanie once had her Airbnb account hacked and Sammy wants to know what using Airbnb is like.

39:00 Stephanie explains what the stand up scene is like in Chicago.

40:50 She finally met her Whiskey Journal coworkers in person after knowing them online. Stephanie relates the story of meeting her friend’s online pen pal. We talk about first impressions. She tells Sammy how she met her current boyfriend.

50:50 Stephanie shares beauty tips with Sammy. He reads the story of people bathing in crude oil for health reasons. She is a fan of saltines and doesn’t put butter on her bread because Jesus didn’t.

59:00 Outro

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