Episode 65: Lisa Burton

Lisa Burton

The lovable(?) LISA BURTON¬†amuses Sammy with her current gig at the 2015 National Sporting Clays Association US Open, disgusts Sammy with why she didn’t cry at INSIDE OUT and educates Sammy with what ladies look for when visiting a guys place for the first time!


0:00 Intro

1:45 Lisa is refereeing the 2015 National Sporting Clays Association US Open. Sammy is full of questions. So. Many. Questions.

12:45 Lisa and Sammy explore their feelings on the Charleston shooting fallout.

22:15 SEGMENT SPOILER WARNING: PIXAR’S INSIDE OUT Sammy confronts the heartless unfeeling Lisa about her lack of tears at Inside Out. Sensitive Sammy and Robotic Burton talk about our most–and least–favorite parts of the movie.

38:00 While ranking Pixar movies, Lisa talks about what kind of wand she would get at Ollivanders in Diagon Alley.

45:25 Sammy asks Lisa what girls look for when visiting a guy’s place for the first time.

1:00:25 Disney has started selling animal-themed poop snacks. Lisa really likes the word “Harambe”

1:03:40 TINDOG is a Tinder-like app, but for dogs. Lisa gives very specific advice to men about their Tinder photos.

1:08:45 Sammy is upset that Lisa hasn’t updated her Blogspot since March of 2009. She details her worst audition ever.

1:13:01 Lisa loves horror and raves about Clive Barker’s Thief of Always. She’s trying to save her respectable friends from improv.

1:19:33 Outro

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