Episode 63: Patrick Stengle

Patrick Stengle

Actor, singer and dancer PATRICK STENGLE triple threats it up on PopFury! We talk about Jurassic World, Janet Jackson, Veep and how he likes to dance on furniture!


0:00 Intro

2:20 JURASSIC WORLD SPOILER WARNING – Sammy and Patrick discuss what they did and did not like about Jurassic World…well, mostly what we did not like.

23:45 Patrick gives examples of movies to watch with and without people. He is a fan of Magic Mike and Pitch Perfect, but hates body horror films. Patrick takes time to explain Muse to Sammy.

34:40 We gush about HBO’s Veep.

41:20 Patrick has tickets to the Janet Jackson concert and shares his love of dancing.

48:00 He “kind of” watched the Blackhawks in the playoffs. Sports means socializing to Patrick.

55:45 A co-op may require DNA testing of tenant’s pet dogs to make sure they’re the right breeds.

1:00:00 A cat owner had to be rescued from a tree after climbing up after her cat.

1:02:15 Amazon is exploring using normal people to complete deliveries. Sammy laments the laziness of our on-demand delivery society.

1:06:30 Prince and Stevie Wonder performed at a private Obama party. Sammy wonders who Patrick would invite to his party.

1:09:20 Rue McClanahan died. Again. Patrick recounts dealing with a complaint about the nudity in the show HAIR.

1:15:10 Outro

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