Episode 62: Kevin Sciretta

Kevin Sciretta

Actor and comedian KEVIN SCIRETTA talks about the days of actually going to video stores, being a child soldier for Captain Power, the end of the world, attending Catholic school and, of course, LeBron James’ dingdong.


0:00 Intro

1:10 Kevin’s channel surfing the El Rey network led to him watching ‘classic’ kung fu movie, 8 Diagram Pole Fighter. We geek out over our love of cheesy 70s kung fu movies.

11:00 We recall what it was like to actually go to the video store to rent movies and suffer indignities like out-of-stock rentals, misleading movie descriptions, and risky rentals solely based on only knowing the actor.

17:15 Sammy remembers NYC regional TV. Kevin killed for Captain Power. He gets deep with archetypal regional TV shows.

25:00 Crystal Pepsi might be coming back. Kevin thinks it is a precursor to a zombie apocalypse. FYI he is always ready for the end of the world since he saw the Terminator.

30:00 Kevin and Sammy bond over their stints in Catholic school. Kevin attended a performing arts high school in Manhattan.

42:45 We talk about John Carpenter’s Escape From New York and Assault on Precinct 13. Sammy wonders if you can flat out kill a kid in a movie any more.

48:45 Lance Armstrong compared himself to Lord Voldemort. Kevin labels Armstrong an “authentic villian” and declares Sheryl Crowe the “songbird of a generation”

53:45 Kevin is excited to talk about LeBron James showing his dick. Like, way too excited.

58:45 Outro

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