Episode 61: Molly Jones

Molly Jones

Improviser and old maid MOLLY “MOJOCANE611” JONES storms like a hurricane into Studio 1Q! We talk about her enormous appetite, mustaches as dealbreakers, what she’d buy if she won the Lottery and her Olympic sport of choice.  She also can’t shut up about the University of Miami. I mean, like, c’mon. We get it. Sheesh.


0:00 Intro

0:30 Molly has a AOL Instant Messenger name listed on her Facebook. Sammy honestly didn’t realize it was the day before her birthday.

4:10 Facebook is bringing back away messages.

5:25 While talking about unusual names, Sammy determines Molly has the whitest grandparents in America.

8:15 Molly loves food and has an ENORMOUS appetite. A HUGE appetite. She can REALLY PUT IT AWAY. Sammy offers up the “Dausage” for her consideration. She once had foie grois Snickers at an aviary.

14:40 An Uber driver pulled out a gun and fired at his passengers. Molly confesses she’s not confident in her driving skills.

19:10 She explains how she ended up in Chicago. #DuffStrong makes an appearance and #AdalStrong makes its debut. Molly shares the things that surprised her about Chicago.

24:00 A man kissed and licked a female student’s toes. #CalPolyTechStrong debuts. Mustaches are her dealbreaker — BYEEEEEEEEE!

29:15 A Michigan man ignored his girlfriend and bought lottery tickets anyways. #KatieThomas debuts. Sammy, through sheer force of will, gets Molly to answer “What would you do if you won the Lottery?”

37:35 Usain Bolt ate 100 Chicken McNuggets a day during the Beijing Olympics. Molly tries to remember an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary and fails badly. She decides that gymnastics would be her Olympic event.

44:15 Sammy wants to know why Molly won’t shut up about Miami University or University of Miami or wherever the fuck she went to school. #DuffStrong #KatieThomas

46:45 Outro #KatieThomas #DuffStrong

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