Episode 60: Ryan Patrick Dolan

Ryan Patrick Dolan

Improvisor, playwright and lover of people RYAN DOLAN stops by to talk about college life as a 40-year old, marriage proposals, his skepticism of the supernatural and the poor choice of stopping a purse snatcher.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Ryan went back to college for his MFA. Sammy is intrigued by the social life of 40-year old on campus.

6:20 Ryan created a Twitter account just for Royals tweets. He explains the social media habits of college kids.

10:15 Sammy is surprised Ryan is an Uber driver since he hates people. Ryan eventually wants to be a TV show writer.

18:00 A man proposed via McDonald’s to his girlfriend. We imagine our future own marriage proposals.

22:00 We discuss open relationships and threesomes.

24:15 A man called 911 to brag and ask the operator on a date. Sammy thinks Ryan should have a sports blog.

28:00 Ryan reiterates that he loves people.

34:45 A man was scammed out of over $700,000 by a psychic. Ryan doesn’t believe in ghosts, afterlife, reincarnation or karma.

43:19 A man was robbed at gunpoint for his BitCoins.

46:30 Ryan shares stories of not exercising good judgment such as trying to stop a purse snatcher, avoiding a fight with a drunk person and starting a fight at the bar.

54:30 Taco Bell will roll out Cap’n’Crunch Delights…after they have announced they will be cutting back on artificial ingredients. We discuss the proper etiquette for checking your phone/Tinder while on a date.

1:03:30 Outro

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