Episode 59: Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein

Director, performer and poker player SCOTT GOLDSTEINĀ talks about the fisticuffs of his youth, his impromptu visit to the David Letterman Show, Chicago sports, politics and the Mad Max series.


0:00 Intro

1:00 A poker tournament in New Orleans did not go Scott’s way.

4:50 Scott remembers Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood before gentrification. We go down the rabbit hole of donnybrooks and melees from Scott’s younger days.

15:30 Scott’s jokey Facebook post about the David Letterman Show backfired in the best way possible.

21:15 Talking about the Blackhawks leads to a critique of Bradley Cooper, David O. Russell & Cameron Crowe movies. Scott shares his thoughts on the dismissal of former Bulls Coach, Tom Thibodeau, and the NBA.

32:25 Mike Huckabee joked about wishing he was transgender when he was a teen. Rick Santorum pre-emptively disagrees with the Pope’s encyclical on climate change.

46:00 We discuss the Duggar family and the Quiverfull Movement.

49:15 The Hoosier Lottery has 5 chances to win 20 years of bacon. Yum Brands will stop using some artificial ingredients in their fast food. We wonder about our post-apocalyptic survival.

54:15 MAD MAX SPOILERS: Scott is not only a fan of Mad Max Fury Road, but of the whole Mad Max series. He’ll eventually see Avengers: Age of Ultron.

1:05:35 Scott posts pics and texts from poker tables he’s playing at. He digs into why he enjoys poker.

1:12:05 Outro

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