Episode 48: Jessica Mitolo

Jessica Mitolo

Director, teacher, performer…and possible serial killer…JESSICA MITOLO joins PopFury to talk about her rudeness, the Fart App, weird crimes in the news, the Freddy Gray demonstations & Bruce Jenner.


0:00 Sammy is enchanted by Jessica’s perfume but eventually gets around to an…

3:30 …INTRO and we discuss rude questions Jessica has asked and then she rudely asks Sammy why he isn’t married yet.

9:00 We determine she is Dolphin and Sammy is a Bear and what are appropriate jokes when dating.

14:50 Apple has rejected a Fart App. Jessica wonders how devices track sleep.

19:10 Sammy thinks Jessica is planning to murder someone. She thinks she should be a serial killer……profiler.

25:00 A man was arrested after shooting his computer to death. Jessica understands completely.

30:10 She received a weird crank call and Sammy had to search her home for hiding weirdos.

33:45 A bra bandit has struck Victoria’s Secret multiple times.

38:35 A robber fell asleep during a robbery after eating tater tots. Jessica criminally profiles the robber.

41:00 Sammy wonders what the most illegal thing Jessica has done.

43:33 The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held just miles from the Freddy Gray demonstrations in Baltimore. We dive into how Cecily Strong’s jokes play against the backdrop of racial unrest.

51:00 Bruce Jenner came out as transgender on 20/20.

58:09 Jared Leto’s  tattooed Joker photo was released. Sammy quickly determines that Jessica does not know her body parts as we talk about getting tattoos. Jessica declares Sammy has soft skin and the hands of someone who has never done manual labor.

1:07:30 Jessica calls the out for the show, leading to the Outro.

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