Episode 3: Molly Wilbanks Anderson

Molly Wilbanks Anderson

MOLLY WILBANKS ANDERSON chats about her cross-country acting journey, crossfit, catcalling, Scooby Doo’s Fat Daphne controversy and her love of trainwreck reality TV.


Molly has lived in Texas, California and Chicago…all the while persuing her career and learning queso recipes.

Thanks to Crossfit, she can take on multiple elderly people in a fight.

She pulled the trigger on a break up right after moving to Chicago.

Sammy stuns Molly when he shares the plot to the newest Scooby Doo animated movie.

Molly breaks down the style differences of Texas, Chicago and California.

We talk Scandal and Breaking Bad before sliding into the topic of YouTube celebrities.

She shares what it’s like being married now to fellow Texan John Anderson.

We wrap up with her love of train wreck Reality TV (like Aviva from Real Housewives).

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