Episode 26: Kellen Terrett

Kellen Terrett

Chicago comedian and actor KELLEN TERRETT, the Robin Hood of Thrift Stores, classes up the joint when he comes to Studio 1Q to talk about being a foodie, the Academy Awards, Oregon and meeting his girlfriend.


0:00 Intro

1:00 Kellen snuck his way into the co-hosting gig on the Talking Games podcast. We flashback to the talk show wars of the 90s.

2:20 He is going to Paris  with his girlfriend next month and is an avowed foodie and dives into both topics. Kellen also explains the Foie Gras controversy and his travel plans.

11:10 Sammy would be afraid to go France as he doesn’t speak the language. Kellen shares his French accent.

12:45 Kellen is from Oregon and gives Sammy the lowdown on Portland. He almost moved to Toronto instead of Chicago because he likes Canadians. Sammy is delighted to find out Kellen’s dad was a cop. We reminisce about haircuts we’ve had.

21:00 We’re excited about the upcoming Mad Max movie, Fury Road. Kellen cried because the ending of one the Lord of the Rings movies was changed.

24:30 The Academy Awards were particularly white this year and we chat about the controversy as well as the movies themselves. Kellen guesses the movies he will share with his son when he grows up.

35:00 Sammy asks Kellen for advice on coffee and regrets it.

39:00 American Sniper used a fake baby. Kellen says the fake baby in Children of Men ruined the movie for him.

42:00 A teenage boy posed as a Gynecologist in a hospital for a month. Kellen shares his days as a Robin Hood of Thrift Stores.

46:25 It is now legal to give cops the finger. Kellen shares tips on how to curse out cops. He explains his issues with “journalism” that is really just storytelling.

51:25 Facebook is implementing a feature to flag false information. People took umbrage that Kellen kept his son’s gestation on the downlow and he had to unfriend them. We run down the various social media platforms.

1:00:45 We share the last time we cried at a movie and Kellen talks about how he met his girlfriend on Tinder. Sammy asks what was scary sharing with her about his life. Kellen tells me what the nerdiest shit in his house is. To Sammy’s consternation, he recommends a comic book called Sex Criminals.

1:11:40 Kellen talks about what he’s been digging lately. Sammy had to Google how to boil an egg.

1:18:48 Outro, during which Sammy pitches a take on a show Kellen is doing.

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