Episode 22: Danny Groh

Danny Groh

DANNY GROH pitstops in Studio 1Q before heading east to NYC! He tells me about his fight in Crobar, his time in Chicago, why he’s moving to NYC and plays the first- and last-ever DANNY’S GIVING SPIRIT GAME.


0:00 Intro

1:45 Sammy suspects Danny is a serial killer. Danny then describes his first fight in Chicago at the old Crobar.

5:15 Sammy asks Danny point-blank why he’s moving to New York City.

9:30 Sammy chides Danny for doing a lovely 2-hour podcast with Mary Beth Smith after Sammy had been trying to book him for 3 months.

10:35 Danny talks about all the pre-move reflecting he’s been doing and how it feels like he’s leaving his family behind.

14:05 He chats about his highs and lows in Chicago.

22:20 Sammy is stunned by all the jobs and gigs Danny has done. Danny talks about visioning and going out and inviting life into you. He talks about turning around his unhealthy lifestyle. Danny is close to his family but he has to follow his heart.

32:35 We play the newly created DANNY’S GIVING SPIRIT GAME, where Sammy names random people or things and Danny has to name a gift he would give them.

38:30 Danny has been watching Black Mirror and listening to Serial. He only goes to movies alone and thinks people need to learn how to be introverted. Danny talks about what he looks forward to NYC and Sammy tries to make him choose only ONE best friend. He waxes nostalgic about Upstairs Gallery.

49:00 Like a small child, Danny gets distracted by Sammy’s podcast set up. Sammy coaxes improv advice from Danny for newer performers.

52:45 Danny gets confused and plugs shows that will be over by the time the podcast airs.

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