Episode 17: Asher Perlman

Asher Perlman

ASHER PERLMAN nerds it up in Studio 1Q. We cover everything from his political ambitions and homeschool basketball experiences to Interstellar and Game of Thrones in our laugh-filled time together.


(as always, spoiler warning for everything we discuss)

Sammy found Asher’s OY!Chicago interview online and learned about Asher’s funny Rabbi back in Seattle and his PolySci major. Asher wanted to be a Madison city councilman. We then awkwardly discuss politics.

Asher discusses what he would be doing if it wasn’t comedy or politics. Sammy doesn’t even the know the details of what his ideal life would be.

A Polish town banned Winnie Pooh from a playground.

A naked man falls from ceiling in a woman’s bathroom. Sammy was surprised it was not in Florida. Asher describes South Beach for Sammy. Sammy accidentally calls Panama City Beach in the pan handle South Beach.

Sammy is stunned to learn Asher was home schooled and was on a horrible homeschool basketball team called the Howler Monkeys. Sammy has very specific stereotypes about homeschooled kids.

Asher has worked as both an Apple Genius and in tech support. We talk about some of the people he helped. Sammy loved seeing Asher wander around on the job socializing.

Asher is addicted to Serial and was unaware about any of the backlash.  He runs down his other favorite podcasts.

We both subscribed to the Econonomist and agree it was a dense read.

The major networks didn’t carry Obama’s speech.

Asher thinks The Flash is atrocious. He is over the friend-suffers-unrequited-love thing and won’t pay for Hulu Plus. Asher valiantly tries to discuss shows on HBO that Sammy hasn’t seen.

We discuss binge watching and Sammy learns Asher binged Game of Thrones, so Sammy quizzes him on his favorite parts.

While talking about Cheers, alternative TV history, & Night Court we detour into the Cosby rape allegations and fallout.

We dig into the Hunger Games, which Asher hasn’t seen, and Interstellar, which he did see. Asher cried at the Annie trailer and we talk about the original horrible Star Wars and Cool Hand Luke trailers before diving back into Insterstellar because we’re nerds. Sammy would totally do the one-way trip to Mars.

Asher will be celebrating Perlgiving instead of Thanksgiving. Sammy will try to work to make some extra money. Asher appreciates bargains but won’t be shopping on Black Friday.

During the outro, Sammy reads some comedy nuggets from Asher’s twitter.

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