Episode 16: Bethany Remely

Bethany Remely

BETHANY REMELY helps PopFury celebrate its Sweet Sixteen(th episode). She shares the trials and tribulations of her trip to NYC, her type of guy, relationship hangovers and why she ended up in comedy and not international economics.


Sammy blows the intro by calling Bethany ‘Beth’ in his intro.

Bethany talks about confidence in improv, the Slump and time away.

Sammy blows it again by saying she went to Georgetown. We talk about Bethany getting into George Washington, her high school education and playing Thorin Oakenshield in a high school play.

Bethany is a product of Pittsburgh. She educates Sammy on the Terrible Towel, Myron Cope and theImmaculate Reception. Sammy compares her to a female Rudy who never went to Notre Dame. This spurs us to talk about our favorite sports movies.

She shares the epic tale of train, plane and luggage misadventures on her recent trip to NYC to see her beloved Steelers. She visited Ground Zero and got judged in a Jimmy Choo store. The Jets fans were nice and the game was horrible. After more travel trials and tribulations, Bethany almost met her future husband on her return trip home.

We talk about what is Bethany’s type of guy. Vegans in skinny jeans need not apply.

Bethany doesn’t understand why Kim Kardashian did what she did and thought Kim’s butt looked weird.

Bethany sometimes thinks she’s only funny onstage and not in real life, which may have contributed to failed date once. We talk about playing the Game, relationships and relationship hangovers that cause expectations in new relationships.

Hollywood producer Glen Larson passed away this week. Bethany loves Tom Selleck at any age. She just finished binge watching Scandal and was affected by it. Bethany doesn’t finish watching show—she will leave the last episodes of a series for rainy days.

She recommends therapy for everyone.

There was a study on marijuana’s affects on the brain but Sammy didn’t read it.

Bethany talks about why she ended up in comedy and not international economics. She talks about politics and healthcare and how politics is about winning and not about people. She’d rather make people laugh.

We talk about refocusing your goals and calibrating your expectations as you grow older as an improvisor and artist and the adult choices you begin to make.

We discuss improv in Pittsburgh, performing/knowing shortform improv and bad shows. Bethany delves more into the Comedysportz experience.

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