Episode 15: Tiff Svitko

Tiff Svitko

Improvisor and comedian TIFF SVITKO returns to PopFury to chat Love Actually, awkward break ups and her love of costumes.


Tiff is my first repeat guest!

She not nervous, just absent-minded today. She still has not opened a Chicago bank account and is still registered to vote in Indiana, not that she did and she feels bad about it. Tiff is against the two-party system.

Keira Knightley posed topless without being photoshopped. Tiff is totally behind it.

Tiff is not a match maker but we talk about CTA matchmaking.

Tiff listened to her last podcast with her dude, who bought her an owl t-shirt. Sammy wonders how long you can wait until say the L-word into a relationship. Sammy once accidentally asked a girl on a date. We talk about awkward breakups.

Tig Notaro, who had a double masectomy, did a set topless.

Tiff has a non-sexual girlboner for Paul F Thompkins. She has a celebrity crush on Ryan Gosling and once had a Jackie Chan sex dream.

Andy Dick stole someone’s necklace.¬†Tiff thinks this whole thing is ridiculous. She once spoke to him on the phone at iO.

Despite being an introvert she worked as a bank teller and at Game Stop. Sammy imagines all the nerds hitting on her. We briefly chat gamergate.

Her son was chivalrous in gym class the other day and made Tiff proud. He is a gamer and Sammy posits he is a secret gamergater and has a burner phone.

Tiff is into Serial right now as well as the Affair. She’s also digging Meghan Trainor which she listened too right before her audition today.

Farts and impressions make Tiff laugh.

She recently did a storytelling event called Truth or Lie. Tiff loves Perfect Strangers and Sylvia Plath. Sammy decides Tiff’s story is a lie.

Tiff loves getting dressed up for Halloween and dressing up as a Bee in general

We talk about the Too Many Cooks video. Sammy and Tiff reminisce talking on one-line phones. Sammy hates talking on the phone.

Tiff talks about this year’s Christmas plans and her previous Christmas playing the Love Actually drinking game. We dive into analyzing why we like it. Sammy thinks the whole Andrew Lincoln/Keira Knightley moment is creepy and selfish and Tiff disagrees.

She talks about what she wants in relationship and what a second wedding would be like. Sammy decides her son is a playa. He is the opposite of how Tiff was in high school.

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