Episode 10: Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn

TIM DUNN bounces into Studio 1Q to get real about the end of his comedy music group the Shock T’s, going on a boat for Second City and the realities of being a broke artist.


Tim is performing for the Second City on a Norwegian Cruise Lines boat for four months. We talk about his plans for his downtime which include basketball, working out and writing.

He is listening to the Drizzt audiobooks by R.A. Salvatore.

Tim is single and thinks that is a good thing to be for being on a boat. He talks about his theater background and long distance relationships.

Sammy retroactively feels bad for overloading Tim as an actor many years ago.

Tim talks about the end of the Shock T’s and how it came about.

We talk about the recent exodus of comedians from Chicago, Tim’s dream job and (over)committing to projects.

Sammy checks in on Tim’s emotional state.

We talk working, temping and being unemployed.

Tim is into the Drizzt books and is trying to give Walking Dead show another try. He recommends a show that he doesn’t know the name of to Sammy. He also recommends the interactive story “Gone Home”

We talk very briefly about #gamergate briefly, vaccinations and doomsday prepping.

Tim and Sammy delve into the financial reality of being a poor improvisor and our dark moments during being broke.

Tim talks about giving advice to others.

He has no concrete plans for after the boat.

We end the show on his favorite Shock T’s song.

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