Episode 1: Daniel Strauss

Daniel Strauss

This week Second City’s DANIEL STRAUSS stops by Studio 1Q and we discuss Robin Williams, internet trolls, comic book movies and his passionate belief why Cyclops is the best X-Man ever.


0:00 Intro

1:00 Daniel had a guest spot in Rachel’s KFC Commercial

2:15 Robin Williams committed suicide. We ruminate on his legacy, his body of work and the sometimes dark places we go as comedians.

14:15 Internet trolls led Zelda Williams to quit Twitter. Daniel is not an internet troll and collects stickers in Rachel’s favorite game, LittleBigPlanet

20:40 Daniel appreciated the fun of Guardians of the Galaxy and Dave Bautista’s performance (and here is a GIF of Dave Bautista’s Princess Wave) and then we discuss the glut of comic book movies and TV shows.

38:45 Daniel gets passionate about X-Men: First class and The REAL First Class and stakes a claim for Cyclops as the BESTEST X-Man!

51:10 Daniel is joining the Mainstage cast of Second City in 10 days and explains creating a new show via the Second City Process.

53:00 We wrap up with Daniel explaining why you should watch pro wrestling, brother.

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