169: Jimmy & Rosie

Jimmy Pennington and Rosie Moan

JIMMY PENNINGTON and ROSIE MOAN bicker and banter…then get real as shit on the newest PopFury. In the first half they vulgarly chat about the Women’s March on Washington, Silence Retreats, Red Line EL confrontations and the new Monopoly pieces. Then they pivot into an honest and in-depth discussion of sexual harassment, misogyny and theater polices in the Chicago improv community.


0:00 Intro

1:15 Jimmy quit smoking…and replaced it chewing tobacco. He’s also way into working out now. Rosie and Sammy dive into his addictive personality.

8:20 Jimmy has quit Twitter and cable news in the wake of the election. Jimmy goes on a long Vietnam War jeremiad.

“I’m trying to remain positive because I feel like a real shit…”

16:00 Rosie is attending the Women’s March on Washington this weekend…but not really due to poor planning.

20:00 Jimmy is considering attending a 10-day non-verbal silent camp retreat.

25:00 Rosie and her boyfriend Ben slept on an uneven bed for 2 years. 

“I imagined her beating me up in my own fantasy.”

28:20 Rosie shares two horrible Red Line stories: a man pooping on her train car and being verbally (and physically) harassed by a homeless woman. She is thoroughly non-confrontational.

36:50 She is on a new health kick this January.

40:00 Goat Yoga is a thing. Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus is closing.

“A goat cornered my mom and I think was trying to have sex with her!”

45:00 Hasbro is letting the internet decide its new Monopoly playing pieces. 

49:15 Sammy reads Jimmy’s final tweets…including Jimmy’s angry tweet response to an improvisor’s poor taste social media joke about someone’s passing.

56:15 Jimmy and Rosie deep dive into the uncomfortable topics of sexual harassment, misogyny, teachers dating students and institutional policies in the Chicago improv scene. We briefly touch on the Profiles Theater controversy. Sammy asks Rosie, who is on iO’s Harold Commission, if things are actually better now. 

1:24:00 Outro

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