166: Cynthia & Ryan

Cynthia Bangert and Ryan Ben

CYNTHIA BANGERT and RYAN BEN and  bear witness to Sammy’s week of medical hell on the newest PopFury! This fantastic couple also talks about who won Christmas, a romantic date of overindulgence, getting suckered into adopting 2 cats and Cynthia’s sisters!

Note: For those of you who want just Cynthia & Ryan, simply jump to 39:00 of the podcast!


0:00 Intro

1:05 Ryan, the “owner” of the PopFury podcast gives his Owner’s Statement

3:00 Sammy’s Hell Week Part One: The Catheter (AKA Ryan’s quest to pick up Sammy)

16:45 Sammy’s Hell Week Part Two: The Nose Tampon (AKA Ryan critiques Sammy’s pick up technique)

“One of the thoughts I had on my way back to the hospital…because I was really for sure convinced I was gonna die was–’Was I good in the last show I did?’”

28:35 Sammy’s Hell Week Part Three: Food Poisoning (AKA Grossed-out Cynthia says “StopFury”)  Sammy also recounts all the times he’s gotten stitches in his head.

39:00 Ryan won Christmas over Cynthia with his superior gifting.

“Ryan’s my little ball of sugar…”

46:20 Ryan and Cynthia got into tiff about her oversharing. They way overindulged for their romantic Christmas dinner.

52:20 They got suckered into adopting 2 cats. Cynthia gives Julie Pearson a shout out.

59:00 Sammy finds out what Cynthia had planned with family instead doing the podcast. Cynthia and Ryan are doing a “25 workouts in December” challenge.

1:04:25 Sammy grills Cynthia about her sisters and their forced foursomes of sister activities that are “fun” and they “enjoy”

“This could be thing we look back on and go, ‘That’s why we’re not together anymore…’”

1:12:05 Cynthia and Ryan each try to describe Cynthia’s sisters in 1 word.  Buckle in, y’all.

1:21:35 Outro

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