164: Spencer & Pat

Spencer Hamilton and Pat Niday

SPENCER HAMILTON and PAT NIDAY bring their music picks and songbird pipes to the PopFury podcast! The risk-averse duo chat about company cover bands, getting grilled by your gal’s pals, Pat almost drowning, Spencer’s awesome high school playlist and, naturally, peeing in weird places.


0:00 Intro

1:10 Pat sang at his company’s holiday party. In unrelated news, he received a promotion. (You can listen to Pat’s audition tape at the end of the podcast!)

“I had to audition to be in my company-sanctioned cover band for a holiday party…”

6:45 Pat went to a second holiday party where he got grilled by one of his girlfriend’s pals. We discuss being in–and putting someone else in–the hot seat.

12:40 Spencer just turn 28. Sammy thinks he looks very mature for his age. Spencer once took Pat to a wrestling show.

18:00 Spencer is bad at budgeting his time. Pat and Spencer work through their feelings about the Chipmunks.

“So, I’m pinned here and I was like, OK, that’s how I die.”

21:00 A racehorse was doped up on meth. Both Pat and Spencer are risk averse. Pat almost drowned until a girl saved him. Spencer really doesn’t do risky things because catching alligators doesn’t count as risky.

27:15 Pat hates the idea of dinosaurs having feathers. Pat is a forgiving person. Spencer? Not so much. Sammy wonders if this reflected in their personal relationships.

33:00 Pat sang Rihanna with his Uber driver.

“That’s ‘Seven Nation Army’ — which we can all agree is the best song ever written”

35:20 Sammy plays songs from Spencer’s awesome high school Spotify playlist

45:00 Pat wants to fix the White Elephant gift exchange. Sammy hates the idea of a donation to charity as a gift to someone.

48:35 The NFL Pro Bowl will be adding dodgeball to the event. Pat is the nerd kid who disappointed his jock dad. All of us rebelled by peeing in weird places.

56:10 Outro

58:00 BONUS: Pat’s audition recording of  Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Young”

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