162: Diane & Andy

Diane Teng and Andy Junk

DIANE TENG and ANDY JUNK are totally adults now and you can hear them talk like mature adults about very adult things like buying lipstick, buying a house, traveling to Myanmar, teddy bears and allergies!


0:00 Intro

1:05 Diane needs advice on how to buy lipstick and explains make-up costs to the fellas. 

“You know who taught me how to put eyeliner on? My high school theater director…”

7:10 Andy has bought a house. His mommy helped him with how to do it.

12:50 Diane Teng Chronicles (continued): now lives with her boyfriend in a studio apartment. Andy got cleaner once he moved in with his lady.

20:15 She spent two weeks in Myanmar with her family. She pooped in a hole, slept with 10 people in a hotel room and saw a “famous” boulder. There were also places where ladies were not permitted. It was great!

29:45 A blind horse has a seeing-eye camel. Andy and Diane wonder which animal they would be.

“If my mom listens to this, I hope that I’ve already told her this because I don’t want her to find out this way…”

32:25 A boy had teddy bears made from his deceased father’s uniform. Andy shares a horrible secret about a Build A Bear. Sammy and Diane decide Andy is lactose intolerant.

37:45 Diane is allergic to everything.

42:40 Sammy wonders when Andy finally felt like an adult.

“Why can’t we ever end on a high point for me?”

46:20 Outro

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