154: Alex & Mike

Alex Honnet and Michael Brunlieb

ALEX HONNET and MICHAEL BRUNLIEB bring intelligence, humor and beards to the PopFury Podcast! They talk about weddings, travelling with significant others, avoiding confrontations, the Tetris movie trilogy and just the first 100 pages of a book on debt.


0:00 Intro

“Whenever I’m vacation that’s almost all I want to do is just go play frisbee outdoors.”

1:15 Alex was just in Old Mexico for a wedding. Mike was just in New Mexico for a wedding. Sammy wonders if they travel well with their girlfriends.

8:40 Alex is going to a wedding in NYC, which is the second of the EIGHT weddings he’s attending this year!

12:35 Alex and Mike describe how they cope with the “When are you getting married?” question. They describe their arguing techniques.

“I still have no graceful way of dealing with it besides looking distraught.”

19:15 An Illinois gun shop holding a raffle for the survivors of the Orlando massacre…and the grand prize is an assault weapon. Mike and Alex are confrontation-averse. Mike got yelled at by an old hippie lady on a bike.

29:50 Tetris the game is being made into a trilogy of movies. Yes, a TRILOGY.

33 35 Alex recently forgot to re-sign his lease. No biggie. Also, Mike and Alex’s healthcare is suspect at best.

37:45 Mike is reading a book about debt called DEBT. Well, at least the first 100 pages.

“I don’t know why you guys are delighting in this…this is a major, personal shortcoming for me.”

43:15 Parts of a body washed up near the site of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. We wonder if the world is falling apart.

47:30 Mike shares the tale of the Austrian exchange student.

51:15 Outro

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