148: Eddie & Bex

Eddie Mujica and Bex Marsh

Sarpy County People’s Choice Award nominees for “Best Podcast Guests Who Are Getting Married” EDDIE MUJICA (@mooheekah) and BEX MARSH (@MissBexMarsh) walk down the aisle and into Sammy’s heart as we talk about Bex’s resting bitch face, the Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards, bridal showers, artistic creativity and who will teach their child the jump shot.

Eddie and Bex previously appeared on Episode 92.


0:00 Intros. LEGIT intros. TOTALLY LEGIT INTROS. (Well, at least for Bex.)

1:20 Sammy thinks Bex was cast in a web series because of her resting bitch face. We compare the feedback styles we respond to. Bex has problems hiding emotion on her face.

“Bex, we can see everything on your face…Get it to neutral!”

7:35 Eddie and Bex, who live in Los Angeles, are getting married in Chicago. Using the 2015 Sarpy County’s People’s Choice Awards, Sammy argues they should have got married in Bellevue, Nebraska.

14:50 Bex explains what a Bridal Shower is. They played “fun games” and she received lingerie that basically was for Eddie’s enjoyment. The fellas ponder what a Groom Shower would be like.

“They thought about my body sooo much for this moment.”

24:05 Eddie and Bex didn’t get to use the scanning gun for their wedding registry.

26:25 They both are fans of the book BIG MAGIC which about the creative process.

31:35 Bex now has an iPhone, which is a boon as she technologically incompetent. Eddie is now lactose intolerant, which is a bane because he likes ice cream and pizza. He’s getting old you guys.

“Guys in their 20s are carrying condoms. Eddie’s got Lactaid.”

39:30 They’re already thinking about how to raise a kid…specifically who will teach them the jump shot. Sammy wonders how their kid would rebel against them.

44:35 Bex and Eddie share how different the L.A. vibe is and their frightening/confusing near-car-accident experience.

51:25 Outro

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