146: Rob & Bethany

Rob Grabowski and Bethany Remely

ROB GRABOWSKI  (@RobGrabo) and BETHANY REMELY (@thebremely) get real–and real funny–when we talk about unemployment, life anxiety, relationship red flags, and too many tattoos. Oh, and celebrity doppelgängers. 


0:00 Intro

1:40 Rob lost his job in February. He recently temped for the National Restaurant Association where became “Andrew from Toronto”

5:30 A bunch teens said Rob looks like Kevin from the Office. Bethany looks like Carol Hannah from Project Runway.

8:15 Bethany has a lot of anxiety about her life and ran to the podcast taping.

“My uterus is slowly crumbling. Every month is a potential baby I’m fluting away.”

10:50 Sammy relentlessly grills Bethany about her the sources of her anxiety. Along the way we discuss comparing our lives to our non-comedy friends, scheduling social time, taking a break, and ‘acquaintances’ vs ‘friends’

26:40 Bethany has trouble watching movies, no matter how short they are so she’s reading books instead.

31:35 She’s been thinking about what she can do of social value with comedy.

“Looking back it was probably cocaine.”

34:00 Rob and Bethany share the relationship red flags they ignored in their 20s.

39:15 Please listen to our friends at the Rabbit Hole and Remake podcasts

40:40 Surprisingly, a British man with 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos says they’re negatively affecting his life. Bethany chickened out of getting a tattoo but once had a pierced nipple.

46:40 A Texas town installed a statue of girls taking a selfie

49:00 Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are cracking down on reported content…and sometimes crackdowns adversely affect comedians and burlesque performers.

“That kid needs to learn some Stranger Danger.”

52:55 A Grandfather took the wrong kid home from school.

54:55 Outro

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