144: Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein

SCOTT GOLDSTEIN (@GoldyHawks) visits PopFury to talk about the end of Flat Iron Comedy, a filthy repairman, Budweiser, proposing to his wife, Curt Schilling and politics.


0:00 Intro

0:50 Flat Iron Comedy will soon be ending its run. Sammy had a sad and reflective career moment on the bus. We shop talk about Scott’s impending comedy hiatus and watching bad shows.

“I think the problem is looking at improv as something you have to succeed in or something you can quantitatively succeed in…”

17:00 A repairman didn’t wash his hands in Scott’s home. He shares the things that instantly turns him off a person

21:30 Budweiser will be labeled America. Scott describes how he proposed to his wife and their Las Vegas wedding.

“What do they blame the Holocaust on? Integration?”

29:00 A pastor says transgender bathrooms caused 9/11

32:00 Tetris the movie is in production. Scott does not care for Curt Schilling.

35:40 Scott talks politics.

43:50 Outro

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