136: Carolyn Sinon

Carolyn Sinon

SKORT’s Carolyn Sinon brings her new-found feelings to PopFury! She talks about impulsive plant buying, getting back together after a break up, bike short bulges, a horse named Horsey McHorseface and re-reading the Harry Potter books!


0:00  Intro

“That was simultaneously the nicest and the meanest intro you’ve ever given for me.”

1:25 Carolyn has an impulsive plant-buying problem.

5:40 We dive into the feelings and etiquette of getting back together with an ex.

11:30 Carolyn is trying to be more open and in touch with her feelings. She recently purchased The 52 Lists Project book.

16:20 She shares her Goldilocks-like experience auditioning for agents.

“There’s like a lot happening when [men] wear bike shorts and it’s pretty apparent there’s something happening.”

24:40 A hotel has banned bulgy bicyclists from wearing Lycra shorts on the premises. Sammy learns about chamois. Carolyn Googles men’s crotches for Sammy.

31:15 A horse has been named Horsey McHorseface. Carolyn has a problem naming things.

37:10 A man went nuts after listening to too much music and masturbating too much.

“I’m not a guy so I don’t know…but isn’t masturbating supposed to mellow you out?”

40:30 Carolyn is re-reading the entire Harry Potter series. Sammy forces her to do Harry Potter voices.

46:50 Researchers transmitted a WiFi signal through meat. Carolyn is watching Cooked, a documentary on cooking. She just made her first bread from scratch…Sammy is not impressed and actually grows quite indignant about the whole process. She foists a bread picture upon him.

55:30 Outro

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