132: Nnamdi & Allison

Nnamdi Ngwe and Allison Ringhand

NNAMDI NGWE (@nnamdingwe) and ALLISON RINGHAND (@allisonringhand) hold for editing when they visit PopFury! They talk about the last thing that made them cry, Nnamdi’s web series Julius, donated kids, Smell Dating, the Chicago Teachers Union strike and our favorite school memories.


0:00 Intro, during which Nnmadi holds for applause

1:25 Sammy adores Allison’s last name. Nnamdi and Allison are pop culture hipsters.

“Two. There were two black people. Was that what you were going to ask?”

3:15 Nnamdi went to his first Blackhawks game. Allison questions Nnamdi’s all-sports enthusiasm.

8:15 Allison is digging My Grandma’s Ravioli…but it’s not what you think it is. They reveal the last thing that made them cry.

11:00 Nnamdi stars in a comedic web series called JULIUS. Superman v Batman is Nnamdi’s homework. Allison is over movies.

16:40 Sammy thinks Allison will be a hard-to-please mother. Allison thinks Nnamdi will be a softie dad.  A woman fell in love  with and married her sperm donor. Allison and Nnamdi predict each other’s donated kids.

22:40 Neither Allison or Nnamdi are into Smell Dating or regular online dating. Nnamdi spouts gibberish about why he doesn’t online date.  Allison is a social media black hole.

32:25 Allison is an elementary school teacher and explains why the Chicago Teachers Union is going on strike next week.

37:40 We all share our best and worst memories of our early school years.

44:35 Outro

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