130: Cynthia & Ryan

Cynthia Bangert and Ryan Ben

CYNTHIA BANGERT and RYAN BEN (@ryanjoeben) keep Sammy laughing as they talk (and argue) about Cynthia’s digital habits, traveling to Japan, lugging a heavy bookcase, and the Internet-named research ship, “Boaty McBoatface”


0:00 Intro

1:00 Ryan presents his “Owner’s” Statement and offers to donate 1 penny per listen to from now until his year-in-review episode at the end of the year to a charity of Sammy’s choice.

“Cynthia Bangert blames her inability to answer e-mails…on smartphones. That’s on the record.”

4:45 Cynthia didn’t respond to Sammy’s pre-show e-mail–but Ryan responded on her behalf. Sammy gets to the root of Cynthia’s unresponsiveness and learns way too much about her Solitaire habits.

14:15 Ryan’s parents celebrated their 30th anniversary last week and Ryan has his 30th birthday in May…Sammy does the math.

17:00 They are visiting Japan in the Fall. Ryan plugs Emirates Airlines.

25:00 Cynthia made Ryan carry a “too-heavy” bookcase. Ryan plugs Nadeau Furniture. Sammy learns of Cynthia’s craftiness. Ryan plugs Twix.

“I can’t tell you how many things get kissed in our bed that aren’t me.”

30:50 They are training for their second triathlon. Sammy wonders why they would do that…again.

37:15 Please listen to our podcast pals at Rabbit Hole and Remake!

38:30 The internet chose the name for multi-million dollar polar research vessel: Boaty McBoatface. Cynthia doesn’t understand how boats work.

“You have been gifted the miracle of time travel, you’re going to see yourself ten years ago…and your suggestion [to yourself] is simply going to be ‘Wash more’?!? ”

42:45 Both Ryan and Cynthia are turning 30 this year. They share the advice they would give their 19-year-old selves.

55:55 Outro

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