128: Tim & Lisa

Tim Dunn and Lisa Burton

TIM DUNN (@timothyrdunn) and LISA BURTON (@lisaburton) wave their wands and apparate in Penthouse Studio 4W! The enchanting duo discuss their trip to Harry Potter World, moving in together, the canceled Trump rally, the Captain America Ulta burglar and Deadpool.


0:00 Intro

0:40 Tim and Lisa went to Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. They give the hilarious inside scoop on their Harry Potter World experiences.

22:25 They are moving in together and explain “ship dating” to Sammy. Tim dropped the the L-word first despite his plans falling through.

31:45 Please listen to our friends at the Rabbit Hole and Remake podcasts!

33:10 The Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled due to protests. They are voting for different candidates.

39:15 Nursery staff referred a 4-year-old to a counter-terrorism organization when they misunderstood him. Lisa just caught up on Dubsmash. Tim had to explain pop culture to a ship-bound Lisa.

44:40 A man dressed as Captain America burgled several Ulta Salons. Lisa and Tim outline the costs of maintaining their respective looks.

48:55 Cosplayers were kicked out of a Frozen on Ice event for dressing as Elsa and Anna. Lisa is a huge Deadpool fan.

53:00 Lisa is training for a half-marathon; Tim showers at the very hip and white David Barton Gym.

1:01:10 Tim is working on a new web series, Board Life.

1:03:00 Outro

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