127: Tim & Andy

Tim de la Motte and Andy Dierker

TIM DE LA MOTTE & ANDY DIERKER huff and puff their way up the Loo Lifters to talk about volunteering for the Bernie Sanders campaign, Batman vs Superman, experiencing Game of Thrones only via Wikipedia, embarrassing items in their homes and what they’d donate to the Museum of Broken Relationships.


0:00 Intro

0:40 Sammy thinks Tim and Andy got winded climbing up to Penthouse Studio 4W. Tim wanted to join the the Peace Corp out of spite and has a “slight” dream of living as a Loo Lifter in the UK.

“Well, it was my roommate. He was a real dickhead. And he was from Ecuador–so I wanted to go there and spite his people.”

3:10 Tim is having a rough go of socializing in the stand up comedy world.  Andy & Tim predict each other’s stand up sets.

12:05 Andy went door-to-door for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa.

“If you get someone who answers the door, you try to steel yourself and determine if they’re the kind of person who’s going kill you if you say the wrong candidate.”

20:45 Andy is very excited to see Batman vs Superman. Very. Very. Excited. So. Excited.

27:15 Andy has read the Wikipedia for Game of Thrones, but has never the books or watched the shows. Sammy puts his knowledge to the test.

31:30 Please listen to our pals at Rabbit Hole and Remake!

“I have a long genetic history of being hot trash.”

33:00 Chick-Fil-A is offering free Icedreams® to families that coop their cellphones during meals.

36:50 Kanye West posted a screenshot of his browser accidentally showing he was using Pirate Bay.

41:00  Lego is releasing a modern day Lego family. Tim and Andy share their favorite childhood toys.

47:45 They describe what embarrassing items they may have in their homes.

“According to Faith, the Angel Reader that I went to…”

50:10 Tim and Andy reveal what items they’d donate to the Museum of Broken Relationships. Tim recently got an “angel reading”

59:30 Millennials don’t have time for cereal. Andy recalls a fateful bagel.

“I think it’s just that the Venn Diagram of people who drink energy drinks and fucking morons is almost a complete overlap.”

1:04:45 Middlebury College in Vermont banned sales of energy drinks. Tim and Andy reveal what they’d like to re-experience again as if it were first time.

1:11:50 Outro

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