124: Jamison & John

Jamison Webb and John Sabine

Second City’s JAMISON WEBB (@jamisonwebb) & JOHN SABINE (@jasbine214) return to a wind-battered Studio 4W! They talk natural disasters, Harper Lee’s passing, pitch a modern-day Saved By The Bell and share their go-to karaoke songs. Casey Kasem makes several special appearances from the afterlife.


0:00 Intro

1:15 It is dangerously windy in Chicago. Jamison & John recall natural disasters from their youth.

“I feel like we all have a certain amount of social online equity and if I post this I’m wasting a little of that equity.”

3:35 Jamison and John share their Valentine’s Day activities. They don’t care for complaining or hack posts about holidays on social media.

10:35 Scientists believe the 750,000 Tinder users have pubic lice. 

13:40 Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, has died. Fancy Boy Dill just kills Jamison. They share their favorite books from childhood.

“She was a good teacher. She was so good I don’t remember her name.”

21:00 A Saved By The Bell-themed restaurant will open for one month in Chicago. John and Jamison fall down the Saved By The Bell rabbit hole and write a modern-day SBTB show.

31:35 Piece pizzeria is being sued for copyright infringement for live band karaoke performances. We break down karaoke go-to songs and experiences.

“There is so much bad in the world that if I could do one thing of good it would be to get people to stop singing Total Eclipse of the Heart — the Old School Dan Band version.”

40:30 A drunken knife-wielding monkey caused chaos in Brazil. We recall drinking in our younger days and our preferred drinks.

49:45 Shia LaBeouf is spending 24 hours in an elevator. We end with a special Long Distance Dedication from Casey Kasem.

54:20 Outro

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