121: Caroline & Laura

Caroline Nash and Laura Marsh

CAROLINE NASH & LAURA MARSH invite your angry e-mails when they talk about the Super Bowl, sexual harassment, the Squatty Potty and things they committed to then later regretted!


0:00 Intro

0:35 Caroline is excited for the Super Bowl. We recall Janet Jackson’s nip slip. Sammy is feisty from brunch

2:55 The CDC says women shouldn’t drink unless they are on birth control. Caroline and Laura discuss sexual harassment and the daily awareness women need.

“I’m a garbage human. Sorry everyone: Caroline Nash. Garbage Human. 2016.”

11:05  Two women were suspended from Tinder for promoting Bernie Sanders. Laura has some very interesting and extremely confusing ideas about Transformer politicians.

17:10 The city of Chattanooga is offering a class on how to poop in the woods.  Sammy learns about Squatty Potty.

“Why would I ever hire Toby Keith?!”

21:15 Caroline is a huge Carolina Panthers. Laura is mad some of the commercials are already out. The ladies predict how many times they’ll cry at Superbowl commercials, what type of commercial they’d make and who will win the big game.

32:30 Check out our friends at Remake and Rabbit Hole!

33:35 Caroline is reading a book on Scientology. Sammy wonders if there’s something they’ve ever bought into that they later regretted–the answer? Relationships and bangs.

“Bangs are such a good idea…in theory.”

43:30 Laura is reading a book about horrible break ups. It’s really uplifting stuff.

46:55 Laura and Caroline are excited about their latest cooking endeavors. Laura names five things she can cook really well.

52:30 Outro

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