113: Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber

Writer and comedian STEPHANIE WEBER (@steph_eloise) rings in 2016 with PopFury! She talks about Cuban New Year, making a living in comedy, the Oregon militia guys, Making of a Murderer and hanging out with comedians.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Stephanie fails to explain Cuban New Year’s Eve traditions. We wonder about the necessity of having an on-point emoji game.

“I’ve already got that kiss on lockdown.”

8:45 Stephanie is worried about the north pole melting. Sammy wonders about her general mindset.

14:45 She is making an actual living as a writer and a stand up.

22:00 Sammy is intrigued by Stephanie’s gig for Mr Skin (NSFW), a site that tracks actor nudity.

25:00 We talk about Netflix’s Making of a Murderer and Serial.

“I don’t even know what they’re protesting. I don’t get it.”

31:20 Sammy and Stephanie cannot figure what’s the deal with Oregon militia guys. She details her own protesting endeavors.

38:20 Two men got into a “consensual fight” only to be interrupted by a hatchet-wielding third man. Stephanie was accused of theft by a drunk girl outside of a bar.

“This is the bar that had the two-way mirror in the bathroom…”

42:40 Stephanie describes the difference between hanging out with improvisors and stand ups. We delve into the uncertainty of being paid as a stand up and handling yourself as a female comedian.

53:30 Outro

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