101: Whitney & Carolyn

Whitney Lamora Currier And Carolyn Sinon

WHITNEY LAMORA CURRIER and CAROLYN SINON give the lowdown on weddings, getting married and getting your gallbladder removed!


0:00 Intro

1:30 Carolyn did not dance with a celebrity at a wedding. Whitney & Carolyn break down what makes for a good—and bad—wedding. From speeches to booze to timing to costs, they cover it all. Whitney gives the lowdown on her own literary nerd wedding.

“I think what makes a good wedding a GREAT wedding are Dad Speeches. Dad Speeches are my favorite”

20:30 Whitney and Carolyn love the book “Swimming to Antarctica.” Sammy thinks the swimmer in a speedo is a HOTTIE.

24:35 Carolyn has jacked up her ankle and is afraid of surgery. Whitney and Carolyn have no mercy for injured or sick people.

“He also laughed at me while I was throwing up in the waiting room.”

33:55 Carolyn recounts the miserable tale of getting her gall bladder removed. She now has an iron stomach and takes poop bile powder or somesuch.

45:00 Outro

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