PopFury presents: Gumshoe Gal ep 1

Gumshoe Gal

Gumshoe Gal Caroline Nash and Sidekick Sammy recap the JonBenet Ramsey case, take listener mail and discuss the upcoming CBS investigation of the murder on its 20th anniversary.

We will be releasing 1 podcast per episode of the CBS miniseries, so follow along as we discuss Jim Clemente’s and Laura Richards’ investigation into the case.

You can e-mail us with questions and comments at GumshoeGalPodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Twitter (@TheGumshoeGal) or Facebook!


0:00 Intro

1:45 The Gumshoe Gal recaps the JonBenet Ramsey case and explains why she’s so intrigued in the mystery of JonBenet’s death.

5:15 Listeners share their thoughts on why the case is still popular…and ruin Sidekick Sammy’s Facebook page with their Katy Perry Theories 

13:00 The Gumshoe Gal is looking forward to Jim Clemente and Laura Richards investigating the case. We discuss our thoughts and concerns about CBS’ docu-investigation.

15:45 She thinks Burke Ramsey did it, especially after his creepy Dr Phil interview.  Sammy thinks a family member did it.

18:55 The Gumshoe Gal shares her final thoughts on the case and is looking forward to the series.

20:25 Outro

The intro and outro music is provided courtesy of Rob Cavallo.