Episode 99: Diane & Tim

Diane Teng and Tim de la Motte

PopFury faves DIANE TENG and TIM DE LA MOTTE drop in to talk about forgetting people, dating a kitty cat clown, talking to your exes, drinking (or not drinking) and the etiquette of paying on dates.

Diane has previously appeared on episode 39 and episode 81. Tim has guested on episode 72 and episode 86.


0:00 Intro

1:25 Sammy had an awkward social moment at Starbucks. Tim & Diane share their can’t-remember-who-you-are social strategies.

“You oughta be wearing a baseball cap from the city you’re from—that way I can remember who you are.”

6:30 Tim & Diane flip through Sammy’s 1992 High School Yearbook.

9:15 Diane was sauced at her high school reunion. She was also sauced at last year’s company holiday party. Diane doesn’t know what ‘sauced’ means.

“He probably has a Diane Teng in every city.”

13:05 Diane dated a kitty cat clown who ghosted her. Yes, he did the kitty cat thing in the boudoir.

19:00 We discuss what attitude you should have in the bedroom.

“Timidity is the worst thing you can have in a bedroom situation.”

23:50 Sammy asks whether they keep in contact with their exes…and Tim answers with a bicycle seat analogy. Tim has been fired from his position as a friend.

28:10 Diane dates jerks.

“No one deserves that but specifically Diane Teng doesn’t deserve that.”

30:30 Tim is abstaining from drinking during “Octsober” or “Sobtober” (he hasn’t figured it out yet).

33:05 Diane doesn’t drink that much…but has bartender friends and goes to bars alone. Tim sometimes says outlandish things to test his dates. Diane recalls a pick up experience.

“Sometimes I’ll just make a comment about how much I hate white people.”

44:10 Tim is the choosy prizefighter of dating. He has an “elevator speech of me” he uses on dates.

47:15 Diane and Tim disagree about the expense of dating for men and women. Diane will pick up the check if she likes you. We talk about dating when there is financial disparity between the couple.

52:50 Outro

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