Episode 98: Adam & Ryan

Adam Schreck and Ryan Ben

SWEETHEARTS sketch duo ADAM SCHRECK and RYAN BEN toss on bow ties to talk about the Democratic presidential debate, Playboy magazine removing nude photos, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, The Muppet Show and Adam’s refusal to get ripped.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Ryan, the “owner” of the PopFury Podcast, opens the episode with his 10 directives on what Sammy should be advertising.

“If there’s anything that Adam and I do all the time, it’s victim blame.”

4:40 Adam and Ryan break down the Democratic presidential debate. Adam opines on bow ties. Simple hillbilly Ryan doesn’t get technology.

11:10 Adam just can’t do Snapchat. HE CAN’T. He also reveals his Instagram account concept. Like an old timey woodsman, Ryan bartered for his watch.

“I understand it’s an app. And I understand it’s on a phone. And I understand 95% of it is dick pics.”

17:15 Playboy will no longer have nude women in its magazine. Ryan refers to ladyparts as “Ts and Bs”. We ruminate on Playboy’s history and impact.

26:15 Jessica Jones, the next Marvel series from Netflix, debuts next month. There will be (gasp) sex in it! Adam and Ryan delve into the darkening of comic TV shows and movies.

32:30 Adam and Ryan disagree on the new Muppet Show series. Adam dismisses all post-Henson Muppet works as “fine.”

“Based on her mom’s boyfriend, I could not be less of a man.”

40:00 Sammy wonders how Adam and Ryan’s future in-laws feel about them being comedians.

44:39 Kermit has a type. Adam gets profound about the nature of the woman-chasing Animal.

46:35 Please listen to PopFury’s podcasting pals Scareblast, Remake & Rabbit Hole!

48:35 Ryan and his girlfriend completed the triathlon last month. Adam refuses to get jacked but would do a nude scene.

“Adam hates comedians who are ripped.”

57:30 Adam is replacing Eddie Mujica on the Second City e.t.c. stage. Ryan asks a question that guarantees he will never work at Second City.

1:01:15 Outro with special “Owner’s Outro” closing comments

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