Episode 92: Bex & Eddie

Bex Marsh and Eddie Mujica

EDDIE MUJICA (Chicago Tribune Hot New Faces of Chicago Theater 2015) and BEX MARSH (Bellevue East Nebraska Class A Girls Basketball State Champion 2006) lace up their sneakers and hit the hardwood at PopFury Stadium. We talk about how they met, getting married, Bex’s 3-on-3 Hoosiers moment, Eddie’s suspicions about Facebook, and what they’ll miss about Chicago.


0:00 Intro

“I am starting to realize how big of a sham the wedding industry is. It’s so ridiculous!” – Bex

1:00 Eddie and Bex, a cagey veteran in her third straight state finals appearance, are totally and absolutely enthusiastic about getting married.

5:30 They were recently on vacation in L.A. … but it really wasn’t a vacation. Eddie and Bex, who scored 17 points and grabbed 7 rebounds against Lincoln Northeast to cinch the state championship, travel well together.

“I was like I’m gonna make it a feminist point not to date…but then I saw him and was like, ‘Uh Oh…’” – Bex


“She was the first other person that walked into the Annex upstairs at iO…and immediately I was like, ‘Oh man, I’m in trouble.’” – Eddie

9:45 Eddie and Bex, a 5’10” senior who will be attending Doane College after graduation, detail how they first met…right after they both had decided not to date anyone.

Bex Marsh, Scott Beckenhauer and Jasmine Mosley
Bex Marsh, Scott Beckenhauer and Jasmine Mosley are NUMBER ONE

17:45 Bex tells the greatest Hoosiers-meets-White-Men-Can’t-Jump-at-super-church-camp basketball story ever. She played HORSE against old white men for money in high school.

29:10 Eddie will be moving further away from his family. Eddie and Bex’s parents have already asked about grandkids.

33:40 Whitney Houston and Billie Holiday hologram shows are coming next year. Eddie suspects Facebook is spying on him and we formulate a plan to prove it.

“I got nothing on Rick Bayless.” -Eddie

38:30 They are leaving for L.A in two weeks. Their Chicago bucket list includes lots of restaurants and they recommend Cho Sun Ok (but only with a Korean). Bex would marry Rick Bayless over Eddie and Eddie is OK with that.

44:00 Eddie and Bex share what they will and won’t miss from Chicago.

47:30 Outro

Bellevue East Chieftans Class A Girls Basketball State Champs 2006
“This is well-deserved,” Marsh told the Columbus Telegram. “We’ve been waiting so long for this. It’s amazing to be a part of it.”

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