Episode 91: Carolyn & Kaetlynn

Carolyn Sinon and Kaetlynn Daoust

CAROLYN SINON (@CarolynSinon) and KAETLYNN DAOUST (@kaetlynnd) get very shouty about Tinder, relationship status etiquette, men’s capes, the saga of the blue pants and basic bitches! A very special Tinder gallery is available in the show notes…


0:00 Intro

1:25 Kaetlynn explains Ultimate Frisbee to a confused Sammy; Carolyn translates.

“We’re having a really great conversation about jelly and assholes. So this might be a potential suitor.” -Kaetlynn

3:15 Kaetlynn snagged her current beau through Tinder…with an assist from Carolyn. They describe in horrifying detail the high caliber of men they saw on Tinder.

8:20 Tinder introduced the “Super Like.” Kaetlynn and Carolyn  share horrible Tinder photos with each other..and now with PopFury. Enjoy the gallery below:

Chest Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Gun Tattoo


40 oz (NSFW)

12:15 Carolyn has a “real-life boyfriend.” Sammy wonders about the Facebook etiquette for relationship statuses. Kaetlynn asked for a relationship upgrade.

“Slampieces don’t fold laundry.” -Kaetlynn

21:17 Awkward silence.

21:45 Antonio Banderas wants to resurrect capes as menswear — this sparks a spirited and passionate debate. Also, Kaetlynn is some sort of nature baby.

29:10 Kaetlynn recounts the saga of the blue pants. Carolyn had a boyfriend get mad that she got a haircut.

33:15 An Alabama town is considering a ban on saggy pants and short miniskirts.  A UK school sent female students home for “too tight trousers.” We recall our own personal high school attire.

“Thank God for straight-legged jeans–I can just roll those fuckers up! It’s great!” – Carolyn

44:00 Kaetlynn and Carolyn love Fall. They explain the concept of “basic bitches” to Sammy. Sammy may be a basic bitch.

48:10 outro

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