Episode 90: Sarah & Ben

Sarah Shockey and Ben Vigeant

Sammy loses control of the podcast when SARAH SHOCKEY (@sarahjoyshockey) and BEN VIGEANT (@bvigeant) seize control of Studio 1Q! The rambunctious rambling duo chatter about romance, text-back tempo, Pokemon & their religious upbringings.


0:00 Intro

2:00 Ben is reading “The Shining Girls” about a time-traveling serial killer. Sarah gets nervous when fictional characters get in trouble and always wants the good guys to win. Ben & Sarah break down the kind of books they do and don’t like.

“For each smooch, pull away, look into the eyes, say ‘thank you’ and then go in for another.” – Sarah

9:00 Ben recalls a romantic picnic date he planned.

12:30 Sarah doesn’t love “Transitional Sarah” – the Sarah she was between long-term relationships. We dissect text-back tempo.

“Let’s get back to this monogamous, comfortable, sweet little cocoon of romance and kissing and you can fart sometimes…not too often, please.” – Sarah

20:45 A man has quit his job to focus on breaking the Guinness World Record for Selfies. Ben and Sarah are both anxious people.

24:15 Ben and Sarah both play the Pokemon games. They are not enthused by the augmented reality Pokemon Go mobile game coming out. Sarah’s first Tamagotchi is most likely covered in poop and sad.

“What are they doing to these people?!?! They came back like Pod People!!!!” – Ben

28:45 Sammy is intrigued by Sarah’s religious buffet of faith growing up…and confused by how her high school boyfriend broke up with her. Ben was raised Catholic and shares the secret of weekend trips. Naturally, the topic of sex and religion comes up.

43:15 Ben describes catholic confession and the worst Christmas mass ever.

“He just made me say a whole bunch of Hail Marys and promise I wouldn’t masturbate again. And you know what? I haven’t.” – Ben

48:34 Sarah likes cozy books like Mary Higgins Clark. Ben was worried about Toby in the Labyrinth. Sarah outlines the things she wasn’t allowed to watch or hear about as a kid.

55:25 Outro

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