Episode 9: Mark Colomb

Mark Colomb

Prolific podcaster MARK COLOMB takes a break from his impending nuptials to visit Studio 1Q to chat fake news, getting married, movies and challenging yourself.


Mark likes Sammy’s set up.

Sammy reviews all the fake news of the week: Emma Watson & 4chan, 3 Boob Lady, the KLM dog and Pumpkin Spice 4 Loko.

Mark and Daniel Strauss hate everything together.

Mark shares his thoughts on Gotham, wrestling and the Bill Simmons situation.

We talk about getting married and Mark stuns Sammy when he talks about moving away from Chicago.

Mark describes proposing to Mel.

He’s looking forward to Inherent Vice and Interstellar and has doubts about True Detective Season 2, especially Taylor Kitsch.

While talking about Mockingjay, Sammy confesses he’s a very forgiving genre fan and Mark is tired of repetitive genre tropes.¬† Mark wants to know why movies are not more daring and admits wrestling is the last bastion of truly nerdy culture.

Mark is reading to make up for education and believes everyone should challenge themselves.

Mark is fighting fit for his wedding.

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