Episode 87: Jimmy Pennington

Jimmy Pennington

The Annoyance Theater’s JIMMY PENNINGTON (@jimmyofnazareth) shares how he’s changed for the better over the years, his hate of social media, his hate of True Detective Season 2, his hate of iPhone apps and his hate of a scientific Hitler Time Travel study.


0:00 Intro

0:40 Sammy’s alliterative intro leads into a discussion of skinheads and the rape allegations against Blackhawk player Patrick Kane.

5:40 Jimmy explains what he would do if he took over America.

“I’d say 70% of the time I get angry because I know it’s funny.”

7:30 Sammy wonders if Jimmy is an angry man. He is a definitely a tattooed man.

10:25 Jimmy openly and honestly discusses who he used to be and why he changed. He shares his personal struggles from college and his early years in Chicago. Jimmy also talks about how this affects his improv.

“I don’t think I’d be alive if I hadn’t stopped all that stuff…but I also think I wouldn’t have this gift of hindsight.”

30:00 Jimmy hates social media and thinks it is a garbage can. You can follow him on Twitter at @jimmyofnazareth.

31:15 Jimmy HATES a study that says people are spending more time on Netflix. He calls bullshit. BULLSHIT!

33:30 Jimmy HATES True Detective Season 2. So, he watched the entire season.

“Popular culture is garbage. It’s always been garbage. It will always be garbage. There’s no difference between the garbage now and the garbage from the 80s and 90s…which is why nostalgia is bullshit and an opiate of the masses.”

36:15 Jimmy HATES EVERY THING about Avoid Humans, an app that helps you find sparsely populated locations. He also HATES EVERY THING about popular culture. Sammy retorts with the seminal classic, Battle of the Network Stars.

39:45 A SpongeBob Squarepants musical is coming to Chicago. Jimmy, surprisingly, LOVES that…but not for the reasons you would think.

44:55 In a graceful return to form, Jimmy ¡¡¡HATES!!1!1! a study that says women are less likely than men to kill Hitler.

“That’s a bullshit article that doesn’t need to exist!”

48:40 Jimmy once traded a gun for a tattoo. He shares his advice for getting tattoos.

51:30 Outro

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