Episode 83: Tim & Rebecca

Rebecca Hanson and Tim Ryder

TIM RYDER and REBECCA HANSON sail into PopFury Harbor bearing conversational cargo. We talk about concert experiences, Masters of Sex, sex ed, Ashley Madison, the Berenstain Bears and Star Wars.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Spoiler: they just celebrated their 6th anniversary. Rebecca is unsure exactly when it was.

4:45 Tim got Rebecca a ticket to see the Grateful Dead, but didn’t go with her. She describes the allure of Grateful Dead and Phish concerts.

“…any song I could either play on actual guitar or Guitar Hero, I would enjoy.”

11:30 They share their best and worst concert-going experiences.

18:10 Rebecca is older than Tim. Sammy shares the sweet wedding anniversary tradition of a long-married couple.

“You recoiled from that as if a snake had leapt from the screen!”

24:10 Tim and Rebecca enjoy Masters of Sex. Sammy asks about their sex ed experiences.

32:10 The executive director of the Louisiana GOP claims his Ashley Madison account was for “opposition research.”

35:45 Sammy asks if Tim or Rebecca had an archnemesis.

“I don’t want to get too political on this but I think the Second Amendment should only apply to swords.”

39:00 Two teens tried robbing a store with knives—but the store owner drew a sword.

42:15 Tim used to be a lifeguard at a water park. Rebecca was a telemarketer.

“It’s basically like you’re riding a toilet. It’s like you’re a turd.”

48:00 Rebecca talks about her time as a Berenstain Bears at a “museum park.”

54:45 A NY State Senator wants to ban both male and female toplessness.

57:50 Rebecca and Tim are beyond hyped for the new Star Wars. Rebecca reveals her childhood Star Wars fantasy.

“It’s time for us as a country to be able to be proud of Star Wars again.”

1:06:50 Outro

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